Our method

01 | Conduct audit

We start off with a preliminary review, to guarantee an effective outcome of the audit and thorough analysis of your business, your products, your services and your current target audience. This may include interviewing your employees, reviewing your history and past records, performing an on-site analysis and so forth. We gather as much relevant information as possible to then meet again and review our findings with you, address and determine problem areas or reveal promising opportunities, to set a solid foundation for developing the strategy in the following phase.


02 | Develop strategy

A strategy describes how you are going to get things done and broadly answers the question ‘how do we get from point A to point B?’. It takes into account existing barriers and resources, yet stays with the overall vision, mission and objective of the initiative. We suggest and formulate paths to take on the road to success and determine how you will realize your vision and objectives through realistic, actionable steps and strategies. In developing a customised strategy for you and your business, we help focus your efforts and figure out how you manifest profitable actions for your endeavours, and ultimately your brand. We take advantage of resources and emerging opportunities, respond effectively to possible resistance and barriers, and above all, streamline your process into a more efficient use of your time, energy and resources.


03 | Ideate identity

We analyse your brand equity, identify your market strength and conduct a brand stress test: market dominance, presence, positioning, value recognition, loyalty and level of target awareness. If need be, we may take your equity and skilfully apply our brand evolution process to help it grow into the next level. Or, if such action warrants itself, we conduct a more in-depth brand revolution, where we merge your equity, history and value with a modern, conceptually strong and visually memorable representation. We lift it into its next phase of existence and solidify its appeal to the target audience you’re aiming to reach, further deepening customer loyalty and brand appreciation.


04 | Implement

We’ve successfully determined your strategy moving forward, maybe we’ve even given you a new chiseled look to help you establish yourself as an even more obvious, ideally only logic choice for your audience to select. But here’s what everyone knows already: a good strategy is important, but the success of your business, your product or your service rests in the focus of a carefully planned and well coordinated execution. Strategy is important, but execution is everything. This is the crucial phase, the one that will determine how successful you will be going forward, for many prosperous years to come. We empower you to thoroughly understand the strategy set in earlier phases, promote careful attention to detail, focus on continuously excellent communication and if need be, will gladly support you and your staff with valuable hands-on training. The process of execution is hard work, but well worth every ounce of investment. We ensure you own this crucial process and guide it with smartly controlled delegation.


05 | Manage and measure

As dry as this phase may sound, it is actually a lot of fun and greatly satisfying. So don’t discount it just yet. Here is where you get to reap the benefits of your hard labour. This is the stage where you get to nurture and grow your business, your brand and expand your loyal customer base. We have ways of managing, measuring and testing the strategies and executions applied in previous stages, to help insure a consistent, sustainable and long-term increase in your brand’s value.


06 | Monitor and evolve

Last but not least, through diligent management and measurement of your brand’s equity, you get to enjoy a smooth process of monitoring and evolving your brand over the years. Carefully planned adjustments and smart evolutions warrant a continued success in your target markets. They help guide you through an ever changing, highly active, globally volatile world of fast-paced decisions, even faster technological changes and unpredictable customer behaviours. You will continue to excel and serve your customers in every best possible way, while delivering value to the world, helping others achieve their dreams and manifest their aspirations. We believe you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s a win-win focus of a team oriented effort, with diligent focus on getting the most out of available opportunities and resources, well managed processes and highly organized business practises, all working in harmony to provide your loyal customers with the best possible solution to fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.