Protect, sustain and evolve

The art of evolution is the art of staying ahead. Just a few years ago, our business was mainly about working with clients to create new corporate and product brands. Today, it focuses just as much on helping existing brands keep their vigour.

We call it Brand Evolution™ — it is a delicate but vital operation. Every brand has a natural lifecycle: a period of growth, maturity and, if neglected, a period of inevitable decline. We believe that there are basic steps to protect, sustain and evolve a brand’s identity. Brand evolution must seek a fine balance between what is relevant from the past and what will motivate in the future.

With corporate brands our work is often the consequence of a shift in a company’s mission. In these cases, we assist our clients in taking advantage of new marketplace opportunities or in helping them communicate a change in long-term business strategy. In product branding, the cycle of relevance is much shorter. Consumers’ tastes change rapidly. The challenge is always to balance long-standing brand trust against what is needed to make the brand appealing in the present.

We believe in protecting the inherent strength and value of a brand, while giving it new life and new relevance.